Digital Proprietary Assets – Are Yours Safe?

We all have certain properties in our businesses that are intangible. Word files, video files, audio files, and even software can become our company’s most prized asset. But how sure are you that they’re 100% safe from infringement and illegal acquisition? Our job is to make sure that your assets are protected. Our lawyers here are specialized in digital technology and proprietary issues, so we’re able to provide you with coverage – from helping you trademark your software to helping you secure your assets from your employees via their contracts.

We also like to work with IPA or Intellectual Property Agreement wherein the products of your employees are now considered assets of the company and they can’t claim it for themselves. It’s kind of like a blow to their pride, but it’s something that protects the best interest of the company. this is done by a lot of companies that usually work with web development, content management, graphic design, 3D animation, mobile application development, and others. People who are under IPA may or may not claim that they designed or worked on the project, but they cannot claim that it’s theirs. This is one way of making sure that the company does not get sued over infringement issues.


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