Are you Legally Safe Online?


Cyber terrorism is a growing threat and there are not much options for you or anyone to be protected digitally. You can have your antiviruses and your malware programs and your firewalls up and running but they will never protect you online. There are a lot of threats that can put you at risk from getting DDOS’ed or getting robbed with a few tweaks of the binary code.

So the question here, are you safe online? If so, are you protecting yourself the right way? For business owners, there are ways for them to protect their assets online and on the digital plane. For starters, you can hire hackers to test your business’ security features. These people are CEH or certified ethical hackers. Their job is to try to hack into your system and give you notes on your most vulnerable points. They are legally allowed to do this because they are governed by an existing group that wants to break the stigmas of hackers as being nuisances to society.

Think of it this way: It’s like hiring the Ocean’s 11 guys to break into a vault and they will give you notes on the possible ways wherein the system is faulty.

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